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Measurement Technology in Manufacturing

Fast Phase-Shifting Electronic Speckle-Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) for Detection of 3D Deformations

Phase-shifting interferometer

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Robert Kowarsch

State of the Art/Motivation

  • Fast Aquisition of 3D deformation and thickness changes in 2D tensile stress tests of plastics in cooperation with Institute of Applied Mechanics  for extraction of mechanic parameters.
  • The current photogammetric measurement methode requires elaborate surface treatment and does not provide the necessary accuray.


  • Measurement of the out-of-plane deformation in the nanometer regime by phase-shifting electronic speckle-pattern interferometry (ESPI). In combination with in-plane speckle pattern correlation technique the reconstruction of the 3D deformation is enabled.
  • Fast phase shifting by wavelength tuning via injection current of a laser diode.



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