Focus of research and teaching


The Institute of Electrical Information Technology (IEI) serves the research and teaching areas of control engineering/mechatronics, metrology, electronics and communication engineering. The institute has intensively and successfully been operating numerous projects with industry partners for a long time. The institute offers consulting, research and development services for the following areas,

  • metrology / sensor technology
  • mechatronics
  • control technology
  • digital and analog signal processing (hardware & software)
  • wireless sensor systems
  • optical sensors

We also provide a wide range of possibilities for practical projects (design, simulation and development of electronic circuits and mechatronic systems, prototyping, practice testing, field testing). The institute's workshops (electronics workshop and mechanical workshop), which also offer apprentice training, complete our portfolio. IEI’s projects are characterized by high practical relevance and a great affinity for the industry’s concerns.


Please also have a look at our current projects here.


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