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Bachelor of Electrical Engineering as a double-degree program with partner Sichuan University and new Master's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

In the future, the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering supervised by the Institute of Electrical Information Technology will be offered as a double-degree with the partner Sichuan University. In addition, a consecutive Master of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology will be started in winter semester 21/22.

Since the successful start of the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in the winter semester 2019/2020, the Institute of Electrical Information Technology has been responsible for the program. The program will also be offered as a double-degree program for Chinese students from Sichuan University in Chengdu in winter semester 2021/2022. The Chinese students will be brought up to the level of German electrical engineering students in Chengdu in 4 semesters through language training and content-mirrored courses. Starting from the winter semester 23/24, the first students from Chengdu are expected in the 3rd semester of the Clausthal electrical engineering program. Since the double-degree with Sichuan University is possible in both directions, electrical engineering students at Clausthal University of Technology will also have the opportunity to enroll in the double-degree program since winter semester 22/23. One receives an additional degree from Sichuan University if one spends at least 2 semesters in Chengdu and completes at least 48 credits at the partner university. Since there is a mirrored curriculum at Sichuan University and all courses are held in German and English, all electrical engineering students have the opportunity to spend a limited time in Sichuan and find equivalent courses there! The intensive cooperation with Sichuan University enables Clausthal electrical engineering students to acquire extensive China competence without having to extend their studies. Since China is Germany's most important economic partner with the largest trade volume in both directions, China competence opens up interesting career prospects.

Clausthal University of Technology is also introducing an accredited master's degree program in electrical engineering and information technology since winter semester 21/22. The program is consecutive to the bachelor's degree program in electrical engineering. Information technology is one of the most important economic sectors in Germany, covering some modern areas of electrical engineering such as automation technology, telecommunications and microelectronics. Due to the change of the industry under the catchwords "Digitalization of the Industry", "Industry 4.0" or "Industrial Internet of Things", the importance of information technology has again increased significantly. Solutions from communications engineering and high-frequency technology are required for the processing and transmission of digital data. Future autonomous systems in industry and traffic require researches in measurement, control and automation technology. Therefore, the new consecutive master's degree offers not only great career opportunities in industry, but also the possibility to enter a modern high-tech research topic as an expert in the context of a doctorate after the master's degree. The option of a double-degree is also planned for the new master's degree in the future, although there is no concrete timetable as yet.

The new study options in electrical engineering will be presented by Prof. Dr. Christian Rembe, who is responsible for the program, at the digital university information days on May 28, 2021.