Applied Metrology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Rembe

The Applied Metrology group at the Institute of Electrical Information Technology conducts research on basically all topics of measurement technology and sensor technology.

The focus is on optical metrology and sensor technology. Light is an electromagnetic wave with a very short wavelength and a very high frequency. Therefore, light can convey a lot of information and is very well suited for a variety of measurement tasks. The ultimate resolution limit is defined by quantum nature of light.

Therefore, we explore how to reach and even exceed the shot noise limit in laser sensors by preparing special quantum mechanical states (squeezed light). We also explore how dynamic near-field apertures can be used to realize high-resolution microscopy on surfaces beyond the diffraction limit, or how to interferometrically measure vibrations in the gigahertz range with defined uncertainty for the vibration amplitudes. Further research topics address the suppression of environmental influences on the noise of interferometric sensors, interferometric strain sensors, photoacoustic tomography or the realization of inexpensive compact interferometric sensors with polymer waveguides and phase-locked lasers.

In addition to laser sensors, we are researching camera-based sensors, e.g. for measuring temperature distributions on the molten pool surface during welding, detection of shape changes during tensile tests using interferometric methods, or detection of pupil oscillations in the eye for attention recognition in human-machine collaboration.

Further topics result from cooperation opportunities in all fields of sensor technology. For example, we are researching radio sensors for intelligent fire protection technology.


Optical Metrology

General topics of Sensor Technology

  • Industry 4.0
  • Cyber Physical Systems

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