IIoT Communication

Communication technology for the industrial Internet of Things.
High frequency technology and communications engineering for the digitalization of industry.

The professorship for Communication Technology for the Industrial Internet of Things was created as part of a Lower Saxony initiative to improve the research and teaching of digital technologies, which is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science. The TU Clausthal cooperates with the Hochschule Wolfenb├╝ttel (Ostfalia) and a total of ten "digitization professorships" were established at the end of 2019, five for Ostfalia and five for TU Clausthal (https://www.tu-clausthal.de/universitaet/einrichtungen/presse-und-oeffentlichkeitsarbeit/pressemitteilungen/artikel/digitalisierungsprofessuren-erfolg-fuer-tu-clausthal-und-ostfalia). These digitization professorships cooperate on the diverse challenges of digital transformation, especially in industry, on an interdisciplinary basis in the DIGIT research network (https://www.digit-research.de/). This professorship in IIoT communication expands the portfolio in the direction of communications engineering and radio frequency technology.

On the teaching side, the initiative includes the application-oriented computer science program "Digital Technologies", which is offered in cooperation between the two institutions. Prominent is the high proportion of practical work, which is reflected in interdisciplinary digitization projects in each semester.

For further information please find here a short informative video about the Bachelor program: https://video.tu-clausthal.de/film/bachelorstudiengang-digital-technologies_925.html. Detailed information can be found on the homepage https://www.digitecstudieren.de/or from the central student advisory service (studienberatung@tu-clausthal.de).