Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Niels Neumann

Professorship of communication technology for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • 2000-2005 Studies of electrical engineering at the TU Dresden, graduation as Diplomingenieur
  • 2010 PhD at the TU Dresden on the topic “Signal Processing with Optical Delay Line Filters For High Bit Rate Transmission Systems”
  • 2020 Habilitation at the TU Dresden on the topic “Microwave Photonic Applications – From Chip Level to System Level”



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  • Experience in applications of high frequency and communication technology, optical communication technology, microwave photonics, modeling and analysis of electromagnetic problems
  • more than 100 publications and presentations, seven patent applications
  • reviewer for more than 10 conferences and scientific journals, member of the program committee / TPC chair of several conferences
  • successful application of more than 25 national and European projects and industrial research with a total amount of >6 Mio € so far

Publikationen / Publications

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Arslan, M. E., Nordmeyer, U. and Neumann, N.: 2x2 Tile Usable for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Operating at 28 GHz. 2024 15th German Microwave Conference (GeMiC), 2024.

Umar, M., Laabs, M., Neumann, N. and Plettemeier, D.: A Low-Cost 60 GHz Modular Front-end Design for Channel Sounding. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 2024.

Kaußen, J., Priebs, A. and Neumann, N: Beispielhafte Ermittlung von Anforderungen an ein nachhaltiges Smart-City-Konzept als Grundstein der digitalen Transformation. WBH-Wissenschaftsforum, Darmstadt, 2023.

Zhang, Q., Charania, S., Rothe, S., Koukourakis, N., Neumann, N., Plettemeier, D. and Czarske, J. W.: Multimode Optical Interconnects on Silicon Interposer Enable Confidential Hardware-to-Hardware Communication. Sensors, Vol. 23(13), pp. 6076, MDPI, 2023.

Ramzan, M., Khaleghi, A., Fang, X., Wang, Q., Neumann, N. and Plettemeier, D.: An Ultra-Miniaturized High Efficiency Implanted Spiral Antenna for Leadless Cardiac Pacemakers. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 2023.

Nordmeyer, U., Kojucharow, K., Thiel, T. and Neumann, N.: Direct wireless readout of fiber Bragg grating sensors using radio-over-fiber. Appl. Opt., Optica Publishing Group, Vol. 62(28), pp. 7480-7486, 2023.

Nordmeyer, U.; Thiel, T.; Kojucharow, K.; Neumann, N. On the Advantages of Microwave Photonic Interrogation of Fiber-Based Sensors: A Noise Analysis. Sensors, 2023.

Damas, J., Neumann, N., Wolf, K. and Plettemeier, D.: 60 GHz Planar Antenna Array on Glass Substrate for WiGig Communications. AES 2022; 8th International Conference on Antennas and Electromagnetic Systems 24.-27.05., 2022.

Nordmeyer, U., Neumann, N., Thiel, T., Kojucharow, K. and Plettemeier, D.: Using the Phase Response of Fiber Bragg Gratings for Measurement Applications. Sensors and Measuring Systems; 21th ITG/GMA-Symposium 11.-12.05., 2022.

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