About the professorship


The professorship for Communication Technology for the Industrial Internet of Things was created as part of a Lower Saxony initiative to improve the research and teaching of digital technologies, which is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science. The TU Clausthal cooperates with the Hochschule Wolfenb├╝ttel (Ostfalia) and a total of ten "digitization professorships" were established at the end of 2019, five for Ostfalia and five for TU Clausthal (https://www.tu-clausthal.de/universitaet/einrichtungen/presse-und-oeffentlichkeitsarbeit/pressemitteilungen/artikel/digitalisierungsprofessuren-erfolg-fuer-tu-clausthal-und-ostfalia). These digitization professorships cooperate on the diverse challenges of digital transformation, especially in industry, on an interdisciplinary basis in the DIGIT research network (https://www.digit-research.de/). This professorship in IIoT communication expands the portfolio in the direction of communications engineering and radio frequency technology.