Vinitha Johny, M.Sc.


2021-2023 Application Scientist -semiconductor Technology- India.

The captivating realm of fluid dynamics within Nano-confined systems presents a remarkable interface between classical and quantum physics. The interplay of perturbation parameters and the consequential self-triggered statistics at the atomic level hold immense potential for unveiling groundbreaking advancements in the domains of sensors and supercomputers.


Since 2023 Research Associate – Institute for Electrical Information Technology-TU Clausthal.

working on Advanced transceiver technologies especiallz in LiFi technology. This bidirectional wireless communication approach presenting an exciting avenue for data transmission. We are involved in the design, construction, and analysis of the architecture, modulation techniques, and performance evaluation of optoelectronic LiFi modules. By exploring these intricate facets, we aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of LiFi technology, paving the way for its practical implementation. The potential impact of this work is vast, as it has the capacity to revolutionize wireless communication systems and unlock a multitude of novel possibilities





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